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Brand: Hysun Marine / OEM
Code: HS515-041
Feature: Extra-Wide Fishing Inflatable Boat
Material: Korean Boat PVC
Color: L.Grey / D.Grey / Red / Black
Original: 0.00

Hysun Marine Inflatable Fishing Boat, the 11-feet CM320EW Extra-Wide is very unique. It is as long as our regular 11' Hysun CM320 boat, but as wide as our 430 boat. This boat also has round end-tubes for better performance and larger buoyancy.

11 feet Extra-Wide Fishing Inflatable Boat

The CM320W Hysun Marine inflatable boat has extra spacious 90" long by 46" wide interior for extra cargo and more comfort.(228cm x 116cm) It is basically our best selling SD330 boat on steroids; expanded to maximum width to create more space inside.You can place beach chairs or even fit beach lounger inside this boat. Or may be small table and chairs. Despite being wide and heavy, this boat can plane even with a small 2-stroke 5HP outboard motor.

The Hysun CM330W extra wide fishing inflatable boat comes with a high-pressure drop stitch air deck floor. The CM330W is great as a fishing boat. You can stand on the air floor just the same way you would stand on a plywood floor. If you would like to customize your boats or need more details, please feel free contact us.

CM330W Fishing Inflatable Boats Customers Photos

♦  CM320EW Standard Features:

*All around splash guard with safety rope.

*Separate internal air chambers.

*One-way drain valve with plug.

*All around, durable rubber strike.

*Safety valve to prevent over inflation.

*Reliable flat air valves with pushpin design.

*High-pressure drop stitch air floor / Aluminum Floor is included.

*Inflatable V-keel with a rub strake protector.

*Extremely rigid and heavy-duty hull for excellent performance.

*Lightweight and strong removable aluminum seat benches.

*Free second bench is included when order is placed on-line!

*Heavy-duty marine grade plywood transom for short-shaft motor.

*Equipment: aluminum oars, repair kit, seat bench and carry bag.

*Free, complimentary generic high-volume hand pump is included.

♦  CM320EW Specification:

Tech Specs*


Overall Length

11' | 325cm

Inside Length

7' | 206cm

Overall Width

79" | 200cm

Inside Width

46" | 116cm

Tube Diameter

16.5" | 42cm



Person Capacity

4 + 1

Loading Capacity

1300 lbs | 590kg

Max Motor Power

15 HP (15" shaft / 125 lbs)

Tube Weight

120 lbs

Shipping Size

59" x 29" x 14" | 150cmx73cmx35cm

Shipping Weight

130 lbs

Floor Type

Aluminum Floor / Drop Stitch Air Floor


1100 Denier Reinforced PVC


Quadruple Overlap

Air Valves

Recessed One-Way


17 mph (10HP w/2 adults)

Inflation & Assembly

15 min.