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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How do I find and repair air leak on my inflatable boat?

2. What to do if inflatable boat compartments become soft over time?

3. What are the differences between drop stitch air and plywood floors?

4. How to choose a right inflatable boat?

5. What is differences between Hypalon and PVC fabric?

6. How to assemble Plywood or Aluminum Floor for inflatable boat?

7. What to do if inflatable boat gets accidentally punctured on the water?

8. How long should I expect my Hysun inflatable boat to last?

9. Can I use inflatable boat, kayak or Kayak Boat for fishing or spear fishing?

10.What accessories come standard with Hysun inflatable boats?

11.How to fold inflatable boat for compact storage?(Properly deflate and fold the inflatable boat)

12.Do I need to install a hydrofoil on the outboard motor for inflatable dingy?

13.How to protect air floors from accidental punctures or sharp dog claws?

14.How to repair PVC boats?

15.How to properly tow inflatable dinghy behind a sailboat or yacht?

16.How can I prevent the outboard motor from damaging the transom while transporting my boat on a trailer?

17.Can I pump up my inflatable boat using electric pump only?

18.How Hysun inflatable boats are different from other brands?

19.What type of outboard motor can be installed on a Hysun inflatable boat?

20.Are Hysun inflatable boats certified or approved?

21.How to properly operate inflatable boat air valve?

22.How do I replace the air valve in my inflatable boat, kayak or raft?

23.What outboard motor do I need to put inflatable boat on plane?

24.What are the steps to correctly assemble inflatable boat with hard floor?

25.What is the working air pressure, and do I need a pressure gauge?

26.How do I tie up my inflatable dinghy boat to the dock?

27.How to make inflatable boat seat bench to be softer on a bumpy rides?

28.How to make  swim ladder to get into inflatable boat from the water?

29.How to properly load inflatable boat?

30.The keel tube under the floor is skewed to one side. How to fix it?

31.How to fix cavitation in inflatable boat or dinghy?

32.How can you avoid slipping in the inflatable boat while the boat is in motion?

33.How to install foldable fishing chairs & Rod Holderson inflatable boat benches or floor?